Cross-border Health Care Lower Austria - South Bohemia


Project partners

Austria: Niederösterreichische Landeskliniken-Holding (lead partner)

Czech Republic: Jihočeské nemocnice, a.s.

Time period

1.1.2012 – 31.3.2014


Lower Austria – Administrative District of Southern Bohemia 


  • equality of opportunity in access to health care provision, through close cooperation among the service providers in the project region – Lower Austria’s Waldviertel area and Southern Bohemia,
  • improving the quality of life and conditions of life for the population in the realm of environmental and health-care conditions,
  • positive effects on the regional economy,
  • optimum use of synergy and resources,
  • providing targeted information to the local population about the possibility to use health care services on the other side of the border,
  • positioning the pilot region as a European model region for cross-border cooperation in the provision of health care,
  • evaluating the test phase of the cross-border exchange of patients,
  • building up a long-term cooperation in the provision of health care

Target groups

  • Local population of Lower Austria’s Waldviertel area and of Southern Bohemia
  • Health-care institutions and providers of health-care services
  • The holding company for Lower Austria’s state clinics (NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding)
  • Public administrative district office for Southern Bohemia
  • Health insurance companies in the two national regions
  • Regional businesses and suppliers to the facilities providing health care