Cross-border Health Care Lower Austria - South Bohemia

Study Trip to Norbotten

Within the bounds of the EU project “Healthacross in Practice” a study trip to Luleå (Norrbotten – Northern Sweden) from 3. -6. September took place, in which representatives of both partner regions (Lower Austria and South Bohemia) took part.

Cross-border cooperation

The first day of the journey was dedicated to the cross-border cooperation in health care for the population. The cooperation in rescue services between Finland and Sweden, as well as the far-ranging use of telemedicine and eHealth to overcome the long distance between the patient’s home and the hospital respectively the health centre has been introduced among other themes. The day ended with the visit of the health centre Övertorneå (Sweden) where the use of telemedicine in daily live as well as the concrete cooperation with the health centre Pello (Finland) has been presented.

Hospital Sunderby

On the second day, the hospital Sunderby, the central hospital of Norrbotten, has been visited. The hospital was established in 1999 (in return the hospitals Luleå and Boden were closed) and is equipped with 385 beds. The personal health records, networking with other hospitals and health centres as well as the planned hospital expansion were the main topics of the discussion.

Besides the official program representatives from Lower Austria and South Bohemia had the chance to meet Norrbotten’s provincial government director, Agneta Granström, as well as the local health department’s director.

Facts of the region Norrbotten:

Area: 92.257 m²

250.000 Inhabitants (200.000 of them live along the coast)

5 Hospitals

32 (outpatient) health centres

20 – 25 % of the doctors come from abroad

2 Helicopters