Cross-border Health Care Lower Austria - South Bohemia

Landesklinikum Gmünd opens doors for Czech patients

Europe is about serving the people and making their everyday lives easier. Especially in the region around Gmünd (AT) and ˇCeské Velenice (CZ), it is evident how cross-border cooperation makes people’s everyday lives easier –after all, the Landesklinkum Gmünd clinic is situated directly on the border – and on the Czech side the nearest emergency doctor’s vehicle is over 30 km away; indeed, the nearest hospital is 60 km away.

Under the umbrella of the project “Healthacross in Practice” a pilot programme is established with the aim to provide planned ambulant treatment at the Landesklinikum Gmünd to about 100 Czech patients. The costs for the treatments will be covered by the project partners – the patients will not be charged.

Programme period: 25 February 2013 until approximately 31 May 2013.

To take part in the pilot programme the patients have to consult a General Practitioner (GP) first. There is also the possibility to consult the hospital directly.

In cooperation with the GPs a list of treatments that can be offered to the Czech patients has been defined. When planning a treatment in the hospital Gmünd, the GP will get in contact with a Czech-speaking person at the hospital and arrange everything beforehand. In case of an emergency the ambulances will take the patients directly to the hospital Gmünd. In general, the hospital is always willing to accept foreign patients in medical emergencies.

At the hospital communication skills in Czech will be ensured, either through Czech health professionals or translation service. During the following hours Czech health professionals will be on duty in the outpatient department:

·         Surgery                Wednesday 12:00 – 13:30

·         Orthopedics         Wednesday 09:00 – 11:00

·         Internal Medicine Wednesday 09:00 – 11:00

> Emergencies will be accepted anytime.

It is the aim of the project to develop a sustainable solution for cross-border medical treatment in the micro area of ˇCeské Velenice. This recommendation has to take into account the legal restrictions which have an influence on payments made by the Czech health insurances in case of medical treatment abroad.

Contact person:
DGKP Manfred Mayer
phone: +43 (0)2852 9004 6893
07:00 - 16:00

phone: +43 (0)2852 9004 6000

Further information please find in the brochure.