Cross-border Health Care Lower Austria - South Bohemia

Starting point

Europe is about serving the people and making their everyday lives easier. Successful regional development in united Europe lives on the basis of cooperations with partners in the neighbouring border regions – in health care as in other activities.
Especially in the region around Gmünd and České Velenice, it is evident how cross-border cooperation makes people’s everyday lives easier – after all, the Landesklinikum Waldviertel Gmünd clinic is situated directly on the border – and on the Czech side the nearest emergency doctor’s vehicle is over 30 km away; indeed, the nearest hospital is 60 km away.
Two forerunner projects have already created the foundations for the region’s cooperation: "healthacross" (2008-2010) launched the first initiatives for making it possible in practice to have cross-border cooperation regarding out-patient and in-patient care. "healthacross – cross-border provision of health care between Lower Austria and Southern Bohemia" smoothed out the path towards a long-term and viable cooperation. The most important milestones were a structure and services index, guidelines for action for the project region, and a feasibility study for a cross-border health centre. With these project results now being presented, the follow-on project "healthacross in practice", building on the first one, can now be started.