Cross-border Health Care Lower Austria - South Bohemia healthacross

Project activities

Project phases

The purpose of the healthacross project is to develop the foundations for cross-border co-operation and for solving concrete issues in selected thematic areas:

The starting point of the project is the preparation of a service and structural index for the region. Guidelines for action in specific fields (law, customs and payment of services, etc.) create the basis for concluding bilateral agreements governing cross-border co-operation. The vision aimed at is a joint health centre for which a feasibility study will be carried out and scientific support will be provided. 
The results of healthacross are presented to the public at various national and international events, through the media and on the project’s website.

Project implementation

A steering group made up of representatives of the lead partner, the project partners and all relevant organisations of the project region lays down the thematic priorities of the project. Administrative tasks are taken over by a special project office.
To tackle the thematic issues and to prepare the foundations for co-operation (concrete guidelines for action, feasibility study), three working groups are set up within the framework of healthacross. These working groups made up of representatives of all the relevant organisations from Lower Austria and South Bohemia draw up the basis for the relevant issues and gather the information required for specific work packages that is subsequently processed by external experts.

Basis for bilateral agreements

An essential output of the project will be the conclusion of bilateral agreements governing co-operation across borders. Guidelines for action are to clarify especially the following issues:

Vision of a future “Joint Health Centre”

One of the key priorities of the project will be the development of plans for a health centre jointly operated by the project countries. This centre will be prepared and scientifically supported through a feasibility study jointly elaborated by health economists from Austria and the Czech Republic. The feasibility study will give an overview of the availability of resources (personnel, technical equipment, know-how, etc.) in the project region and permit the planning and implementation of the project in line with the requirements by defining the technical, legal, organisational and economic framework.